Head: Daniel Elizalde, Laura Sanchez, Miriam Bernal & Saioa Erviti
Consultant: Aitor Acilu, Adrian Larripa & Davide Fassi
For: Asociación de Vecinos de la Milagrosa - Arrosadia Denak Batuak

We propose the creation of an educational experience in the public space, based on aspects of sustainability for the neighbourhood (schoolchildren, neighbours, local workers) through an activity that can be carried out by everyone as a collective belonging to the neighbourhood. 
This point of common interest is a vertical garden along Larrabide street, taking advantage of the school wall. With this new experience, it is possible to create a union between the different social groups that coexist in the neighbourhood of La Milagrosa, making it not only a more sustainable environment but also a safer and more united one.
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